1 Jun, 2016

Push Notifications: Large Update, meet version 1.3

Finally Emrys Forge had finished big job with Push Notifications, and glad to represent you new plugin and new cloud service for it.

The idea of cloud service was found as only possible solution for wp-cron, http and license breaking issues. So we have developed https://pushem.org. Where all our customers from Code Canyon can get cloud of FREE!


More about Pushem.org you will find in the next post

What about plugin Desktop Notifications

First of all, we rename it and now it is called just “Push Notifications” 🙂

 In new version 1.3 plugin become more customizible, cloud based and simple to use

All of HTTP

WE get a lot of requests about issues with plugin on HTTP sites, more than that – offline notifications did not work on HTTP. So, we decide, that enough tolerating this. Only one way to provide Push Notifications to HTTP websites – is separate server with HTTPS license. So we did it, and now all our customers can use Push Notifications on HTTP websites. And so for now, all push notifications are going throw one cloud server

To the Cloud

When we are moving fron one hosting to another, or reinstall WordPress, or lost access to our old site, or want to user subscribers of one site in another subscription, or want to test our site local – WE CAN LOST SUBSCRIBERS DATA. And as Emrys Forge respects your poperity, we decide to store your subscribers and notifications in our Cloud Service (Push’em). You will never lost subscribers, statistics, and notification history anymore.

* I want to remind you that the Push’em license is free for CodeCanyon Customers

Analise It

All business to grow and get more ROI, need to analyse efficiency of all audience chanels. Notifications are not exception here. So we made a simple statistic engine, that tell you now much subscribers get notification, and how much clicks they did. But, if you want to use regular instruments for that, link Google Analytics – we made UTM support for links.

Widget and Theming

Not only Notifications need to be customized. From time to time we need to change company logo, subscription text or just widget icon to get more harmony with other parts of website. Now you can do it with Push notifications Widget. For now it supports one design layout, but already has lot of options. We will provide more designs it future, some of them will be free and some will be premuim, because we need to motivate designers to work with us.

Roles and Segments

New option “Role Condition” you can find in add/edit Push notification interface. It helps you to customize notification rules more. For example, if you want to send notification only to editors or administrator – you can do it now. More than that, Push Notification supports Segments now, that are the same as user wp-role now. In future with help of Push’em service we will make them more useful

Ultimate Member

There were a lot of requests to integrate Push Notifications with Ultimate Member plugin, and we did it. Now we support basic modules, and most of submodules like: Activity, Followers, Messaging, Notice. And most of that Push Notifications supports Ultimate Member roles for “Role Conditions”

The continuity of generations

Push Notification version 1.3 – is totally new stage of plugin, all basics were changed, and many new features were added. But, we do not forget about our current customers. May be you already use our plugin and have subscribers? You afraid to lost them? Please, do not. We have developed Export Engine – that will move all your current subscribers to Push’em cloud, add user_id and segment, if they are registered users. And you and send notifications to them, as you did before. More than that, you need not recreate you current notifications and rules – all them are compatible with new version

+ New Online Documentation

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