Basics: Add & Edit Operation

Operations are auto generated post type, that used to make transaction beetwen users.

You can find individual (for partner and advertiser) and common (for manager and administrato) list of operation in Admin → Users → CPA Operations

Types of opeations are:

  1. Income – partners benefit for this traffic (if offer has “hold” time Income status will be in “On hold” status since time of “hold”, after that funds will be avalaible on partners account to withdraw
  2. Outgo – advertisers payment to partner
  3. Add – adding funds to advertisers account
  4. Withdraw – withdraw funds from parners account

First two types are automatic and do not need manual moderation. Last two need it.

Add funds

When advertiser wants to add funds to his account, he goes to “Add funds” interface and gets instruction where to send funds. Moderator needs to watch CPA payment account and when see the payment manually turn operation status to “Executed”


When partner wants to withdraw funds from account, he goes to “Withdraw” interface and creates withdraw operation in status “Processing”. Moderator send funds to partners wallet and than change status of operation to “Executed”


Manager and Administrator can manually edit operation. To get custom operation fields see this section