Offer content type

Offer is custom content type with taxonomies and custom fields


  1. Offer categories (just for catalogue of offers)
  2. Traffic souces (to set which kind of traffic can be used on offer)
  3. Locations (Geo location for Geo filter if it is enabled)


  1. Title (name of offer)
  2. Description (text abount offer)
  3. Featured image (picture for offer in catalogue)

Custom fileds:

  1. em_cpa_offer_link:… (offer links filelds group)
  2. em_cpa_offer_target:… (offer targets fields group); Contain: em_cpa_offer_target_name; em_cpa_offer_target_model; em_cpa_offer_target_amount for each target
  3. em_cpa_offer_promo (ZIP file contains promo materials if need it)
  4. em_cpa_offer_currency (Offer & target currency)
  5. em_cpa_offer_postclick (Cookie life time on clients site)
  6. em_cpa_offer_holdtime (Time after partners can get there payment after payment)
  7. em_cpa_offer_reaction (Enter time it takes to process order)
  8. em_cpa_offer_control (Level 1 – for all users, Individual – you approve partners by your own, Level 2-3 – for special trusted partners)
  9. em_cpa_offer_status (Current status of offer: pending/active/paused/stoped)
  10. Offer statistic fields