Push Notification Events Builder

Events builder is the group of selectors on Push Notifications add/edit form, that trigger Notification to some WordPress or 3rd-party plugin action. So, by this form you setup when and who will get the Notification

Selector #1 – Action Environment


Here you choose, what plugin or part of WP core provide actions: Post, Comment, User, Woocomerce, Ultimate Member, ect.

Learn more about 3rd-party action here

Selector #2 – Type


This selector is active only for some Environments

Here you can choose entity type for action (i.e. Post, Page, Product or ect.).

In Post Environment you can find all custom public entities types provided by WordPress or 3rd-party Plugins

Learn more about 3rd-party action here

Selector #3 – Action


This selector let you to choose an action (event) on which will Push Notification will be sent. You will see in the list only actions, that are compatible with current Environment

Selector #4 – Target


Here you can choose target (user type) of Push Notification. So only user, who matches this condition will get Push Notifications. (All – all subscribers will get; Current user – user who called action will get, Author – only user who created entity will get, ect.)