Quick Start Guide

Here is most simple way to make module work:

1) First of all download module from CodeCanyon

2) And unzip in on you local PC

3) Copy unziped folder called “testimonials” to your site server folder /sites/all/modules via any FTP client, on next image we use FileZilla* to copy it:


*How-to interact with FileZilla you may read on its official site here and get FileZilla Client here

4) Enable modules “Image” and “Testimonials Simple Block” on Drupal Modules list. Modules link in your site administration interface, or url like http://you_site_name.com/admin/modules . And do not forget to press “Save onfiguration” button on the bottom of the page to apply modules


5) Go to Admin – Structure – Block (or url /admin/structure/block), and press configure button near block called “Testimonials block”


6) You may not change any options, just place you block somewhere you need to show it. Like on image below we choose to show block in “Content” region of our current site theme called “Scholary Lite”. If you what to get more information about options read “Advanced configure” part of this manual


7) Press “Save Block” button

8) View the result on you site’s frontend