Quick Start


!important New keys of Google cloud messaging stopped to work. You need to create new API key & Project ID by this instruction https://goo.gl/0p1Y5G


  1. First of all download plugin from CodeCanyon
  2. And unzip in on you local PCem_dn_archive
  3. Copy unziped folder called “em_desktop_notifications” to your site server folder (/wp-content/plugins) via any FTP client (f.e. Filezilla). How-to interact with FileZilla you may read on its official site here and get FileZilla Client here
  4. Enable plugin as usual in your admin panel. Go to administration interface (wp-admin) -> Plugins, or url like http://you_site_name.com/wp-admin/plugins.php and press “Activate” link near plugin named “Emres Desktop Notifications”em_dn_active

Setup on Pushem.org

  1. Got to https://pushem.org
  2. Create Account (if you do not have one) and login2016-05-31_18-19-30
  3. Go to “Sources” section2016-05-31_18-20-13
  4. Press “Add new source”2016-05-31_18-20-41
  5. Fill all fields (you will need to here Google Project ID and GCM API. Here is instruction how-to get them: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/getting-started/push-notifications/step-04?hl=en)2016-05-31_18-26-18
  6. Choose you website type (look at browser address line on your site: http or https)
  7. Choose Subscription type (”auto” – if you want to subscribe visitors automatically, or “button” – if you want them to press button “Subscribe” by them-selfs)
  8. Print you UTM data (if you use UTM) it will connect to notification urls automatically2016-05-31_18-26-48
  9. Design your subscription widget in “Design” section2016-05-31_18-27-07
  10. Save source
  11. Go to “Account” section
  12. Connect your account with Envato (by this instruction)
  13. Get your User ID and API key here2016-05-31_18-28-58

Plugin settings:

  1. Go to “Wp-Admin — Settings — Push Notifications”
  2. Paste your User ID and API Key
  3. Press “Save Account”
  4. Choose Push’Em source
  5. Press “Update Source”
  6. All setting will be export automatically


That is all. You can create your first notification