Settings guide

Simple CPA Engine does not have much settings, but some of them need to be understanded to be setup in right way

First of all, go to Admin → Settings → CPA Engine


So you see the page like this


  1. Basic currency – this is one base currency for you CPA. You can choose only one currency to be basic.
  2. Additional currencies – here you can choose as many currencies you need for CPA, they be available to your users too
  3. Withdraw methods – you will not see this group of fileds if you do not “Save Changes” after change currencies list. So if you choosed new currencies, you need to “Save Changes”. This methods of withdraw are just names, because Simpe CPA do not support automatic transactions, and all payment operations you need to do by your self. Here you can print any text you want to call method, for example “PayPal” as on screen
  4. Income transaction fee – this is the field in percents (%), where you can setup how much % goes to admitistration of CPA from each !income to partner!.For example, 10% fee will work like – your partner get conversion and his benefit is $10 – you will get $1
  5. Click, Conversions, Conversion Status pages – there are 3 pages that receives clicks, requests to you CPA from advertisers sites. This pages must be created and setup correctly, they cannot be one page. Go to Pages → Add and create here 3 pages. Next, set up pages templates for each page as on screen. Templates called the same as receivers2016-04-25_14-44-41
  6. Payment instruction page – this page contains text, that advertiser will see when he create “Add funds” operation. This sould be instruction how to and in what method he should send funds. Setup this page as in previous section
  7. Geolocation filter status –  this field you will see if only you have enabled “GEO IP DETECTION” plugin. So this function filters all you income traffic you Country/City, if you need it. It just checks if target offer chave the same location as thaffic, that come from current sream. To know how-to setup geolocation work corrency, please, read the following article