Statistics & Dashboard

Advertiser Dashboard


On advertisers dashboard you can find all actual data about your offers, requests, funds.

Offers:Conversion: P – pending, A – Accepted, D – Declined

Partner Dashboard


On partners dashboard you can find all actual data about your streams, payments, actual statistics for Today and withdraw functions

Offer Statistics

Offer statistics separates on 2 parts: public and private

Public is graphic and table of CR (click rate) and EPC (earn per click) data, and common data of offer

Private part is interactive graphic day by day of all offer data: turn over, clicks, conversions and ect.

2016-04-26_12-26-02 2016-04-26_12-26-37 2016-04-26_12-27-05

Stream Statistics

Stream statistics is private, and only partner can access it on Stream edit form. There is all data in table and day-by-day interactive graphic views