Updating from 1.2.x to 1.3 version

To get update from old versions to 1.3 is very simple:

  1. Do not deactivate or uninstall plugin, just replace old plugin folder with new one
  2. Install and setup plugin of version 1.3 (as in Quick Start)
  3. Go to “WP-Admin — Settings — Push Notifications”
  4. Press “Import Subscribers” – it will import all your current authorized and anonymous subscribers to Pushem.org cloud with user_id and segments (for WP segments = user role). It can take some time.
  5. Make sure, that your subscribers were imported. Go to your account on Pushem.org. Go to Sources. Press “Manage Subscribers under your source. If there is table with some data, your subscribers were imported.
  6. Go back to Push Notifications Settings in your WP-admin
  7. Press “Destroy old data” – this will clean your WP from all unuseful and depreciated Push Notifications plugin data. (You cannot undo this action)